Work and Life Coaching

Why Work and Life Coaching?

Are you walking through life with a purpose and a plan, or are you caught up in never-ending to-do lists? Do you feel free to choose your own path, or are you trapped by the expectations and circumstances that surround you? Do you wonder whether the ladder you spend so much time climbing is even on the right wall?

Work and Life Coaching is a place to discover what matters most to you. We’ll work together to create a plan for work and life that aligns with your values, and empowers you to challenge the limiting assumptions that prevent you from taking action. You’ll find the freedom to choose and live your own life, and gain valuable tools to integrate work and life in a way that leads to greater fulfillment.

Who Needs Work and Life Coaching?

Conflicting Demands

It seems your career has taken you to a place you never expected. You work long hours to support your family and lifestyle, to please a spouse, boss or client. Your work has completely taken over, and it feels like there's no way out. Are you looking for more balance in your life, or for a career that's more fulfilling? Or both?

Going Back to Work

You made a conscious decision to put your career on hold, or maybe you had no choice. Either way, transitioning back to work can be tough. You may need to revive some skills or habits you haven’t tapped for a long time, or maybe the rules of the game have changed. Are you looking for the shortest path to a new and rewarding career?

Retired, and Not Done Yet

You worked hard your entire career so you could retire in comfort. But retirement can be a scary place. Maybe work was such an integral part of your identity that you feel lost in retirement. It feels like there’s still work to be done, and you want to give back. Are you looking for the ideal place to share your wisdom, time and talent to serve others?

  • About My Coaching Services

    I work with individuals who are accomplished, intelligent, and eager to bring more of who they really are, and are becoming, into their work and life.

    My coaching services focus on three core areas:
    Work & Life Design and Integration, Life Transitions, and Personal Vision and Fulfillment.

    Coaching begins with an assessment of values and beliefs, and of what’s working and not working in your work and life. You articulate your desired outcomes, and we brainstorm and create plans and structures to keep you moving toward your goals.

    Along the way we’ll track your progress, ensuring that the road you’re on is the one you’ve chosen.

  • Work & Life Design and Integration

    Balancing work and life isn’t always easy. You often feel pulled in one direction or the other, making sacrifices to please everyone but yourself. Through Work & Life Design and Integration, we’ll find the right blend of work, family, community and self that's ideal for you.

  • Life Transitions

    Change can be frightening. Whether you’re becoming a parent, leaving or re­entering the workforce, or embarking on retirement, I’ll work with you to navigate these structural life changes and keep you moving in the direction you choose.

  • Personal Vision and Fulfillment

    Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.” We’ll work together to create a personal vision that serves as your guiding star, a picture of your ideal future that shapes your actions in the present.

Why choose
Liz Baldasano Coaching?Three good reasons.

  • Been There, Done That

    Who better to help you find your next adventure than someone who’s been in your shoes? I’ve made the transition from working professional to stay-at-home mom, and back again, and I've helped others like you through the process.

    I Believe in You

    I believe you can. When everyone else defines you on their own terms, I help you uncover the real you, and create the career and life that fit your aspirations and values. When you're down I'll lift you up, because I want to see you succeed.

    A Holistic Approach

    There are plenty of career coaches out there, and plenty of personal coaches. I look at coaching holistically. When we work together, you’ll get a balanced and integrated approach to your professional life and your personal life.

My Story

  • My Life

    I’ve lived a renaissance life so far, filled with challenges and transitions, setbacks and successes. I've walked the tightrope of roles and responsibilities (thankfully, I created a safety net!). It's been quite a journey, from collegiate scholar-athlete to career-driven single woman, wife to working mother and lawyer, stay-at-home mom and work/life advocate to self-employed doing work I love (Certified Professional Tennis Instructor, Work & Life Coach and serving on a board of directors).


    My Outlook

    I believe in “living the mystery” which is my life, and I get a great sense of satisfaction when I can help others embark on their own journey to living their lives fully.

    My Coaching

    I'm a Coach. It's a natural extension of how I've navigated through my life and who I am. I've had many great coaches (in sports and in life) that have helped me get to places that I didn't think I could go. I want to be that Coach for you. I have a passion for helping people challenge assumptions that limit personal growth and that conceal the possibilities for change.

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